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Mirabelle is a company that imports and distributes unique brands of beverages and alcoholic drinks. We are a team of 4 experienced professionals with a combined 50 years experience in the import, distribution and promotion of wines, beers, spirits and beverages in Japan. 

Our first portfolio of brands is focused on items which are low in alcohol (around 5%), sparkling, modern by the packaging and the taste, and with a strong relation to nature. 

We only select products which express and reflect the passion and enthusiasm of their producers. 

The brands we bring today to Japan are unique, exclusive to our company, and totally new to Japan. We aim at a careful but widespread distribution, to retail stores, restaurants, as well as to the general public. We look forward to presenting them to you.


Premium sparkling mead made in France with specific honey with low alcohol degree.  Available in 75cl and 27,5 cl glass bottles. 

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Premium sparkling mead made in London, with a low alcohol degree. Available in a 75cl bottle and also in 33cl cans under 4 unique blends.

Premium sparkling mead made in London, with a low alcohol degree. Available in a 75cl bottle and also in 33cl cans under 4 unique blends.  

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Bulles de Ruche

Launched in 2020, Bulles de Ruche  is a sparkling mead with a low alcoholic degree.  Honey + Water + Bubbles + Time

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 Bulles de Ruche is a Sparkling mead produced in West of France, made with natural ingredients. It is low in alcohol (4.5%ABV), gluten-free and low in calories. It results from the fermentation of pure honey.  

 The two founders, Paul-Augustin Delattre, and Marc-Antoine Fulnis wish to create a modern drink, light and healthy. They take inspiration from the thousand years of mead crafting and works with the bees to create something authentic and audacious. 

 To drink very cold, our meads are designed for all moments of conviviality and relaxation. Their innovative aromas make them a tasting experience of choice as an aperitif or during cocktails. By nature Bulles de Ruche embodies eccentricity and modernity.

 Bulles de Ruche is slightly alcoholic (4.5%), low in sugar, low in calories (barely 34g / 100 ml) and finely sparkling to highlight the freshness of the aromas of each honey. Each Bulles de Ruche cuvée is made from different honeys. The result is a variety of new, original and daring flavors that adapt to individual tastes. 

No added flavors - No added sugar - Without preservatives - Without coloring - Gluten free -Sulphite-free - 100% pure flowers

Close collaboration between men and bees - Ancestral know-how - A meticulous harvest  - Enhance floral aroma - A respectful elaboration - Authentic co-creation 

Entertaining - Convivial - Tasting experience - Slightly alcoholic - Low in sugar - Low in calories - Relaxing

You can find Bulles de Ruche on the most prestigious shop :  La Grande Epicerie de Paris, Les Galleries Lafayette, etc.

Fleurs de


Made with Lavender honey IGP Provence 

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Fleurs de


Made with Linden honey from centuries old Halatte Forest. 

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 Fleurs de 


Made with Lychee honey from a primary forest in Madagascar 

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Small sizes (275ml) also available..

 Bulles de Ruche sparkling hydromel is also available in 275ml bottle, a perfect size for a casual consumption, and cocktails.

Honey Sparkling Water

 Made with pure linden honey harvested at Foret de Halatte (North of France), pure honey from Mont Saint Michel, and organic lemon juice from Sicilia. In a cute 275ml bottle.

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Taste the UK !

A premium sparkling mead born in London with a low alcohol content. We offer 750ml bottles and his 4 types of 330ml cans blended with various flavors.    [Brand PDF Brochure] 

Who we are ?

 We are an independent, London based mead producer established in 2014. Our passion is creating delicious, unique drinks made with 100% natural honey, responsibly sourced from the finest suppliers across the globe.  We started out in näive Tom Gosnell’s tiny kitchen in 2014, and now we’re serving our modern version of the world’s oldest drink to customers all over the globe.  Our drinks never contain added sugar, gluten, sulphites, artificial flavours or colourings.

It’s all good.

Bee kind 

 As a small, independent team, we always try doing what we can to make the world a better place. We support sustainable biodiversity - essential for us to maintain the supply of the finest honey for our drinks. So, we aim to connect more people to nature and create more natural habitats & food sources for bees and other wild pollinators.

Chill !

Enjoy and relax. By itself or with food. 

It also makes a great gift ! 

Mix !

Great for partying with your friends 

Tired with craft beer and cider ?... try our mead ! 

Bottled mead

 Our bottle is great as an aperitif with friends, and also an original drink to accompany a lunch or dinner. With its characteristic sweetness, you also find a host of delicate floral and herbal notes from the nectar the bees have collected.  By using Spanish Orange Blossom honey in our mead, we get all the flavor of the nectar from an orange grove in bloom in each bottle.  

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Canned mead

 Our range is gluten free, contains no added sugar and nothing nasty, so you can be sure you’re only drinking very, very good things.

At 4% these are a brilliant intro to mead, and particularly good for gatherings.

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Citra Sea

 A rich blend of honey, lemon and hops with a tantalising salty finish.It has complexity and citrus coming from this mix of ingredients. 


 Complex layers of flavour, a puckering sourness and honey notes. It has a deep acid profile that lingers in your mouth.


 Our only pink mead, we brew with hibiscus flowers for fruity, tart notes. It has exotic juiciness and tartness coming from the whole hibiscus flowers used in this recipe.


 Inspired by juicy IPAS, made with hops for a drier, floral finish. Juicy yet dry, or dry yet juicy. It has likeness to a modern dry hopped pale ale. 

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Company profile

the Hive   : 1. the home of bees  2. a place where busy people are happily occupied

Company : Mirabelle K.K.

Impact Hub, 2F, Meguro 2-11-3 Meguro-ku, Tokyo 154-0063

Tel :  +81-(0)3-6821-1656 

Founded : February 2017

Business activity : Import and distribution of qualitative alcoholic beverages

Business license : Export and import liquor license 


Impact Hub 2F, Meguro 2-11-3 Meguro-ku, Tokyo 154-0063

Access : 10 minutes walk from Meguro station.

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